#CitizensRoute73 – Newsletter2 (02/06/2017)

eu demo citizen process#Newsletter 2 (02/06/2017) Last updates

Our kick-off event: Route 73 – Horizon European Elections 2019 : EU Democratisation, a Citizen Process, will take place in Louvain la Neuve next July 1-2, 2017.

The EU Citizen Democratisation Process takes the name “Route 73”!Discover why here!

On Saturday, July 1st (14.30-17.00), attend the first political debate on the future of Europe ! And discover our 5 confirmed panelists

We are happy to greet as latest confirmed speaker a member of Yanis Varoufakis’ DiEM25 : Erik Edman. He will participate to the political panel: “Change Europe, yes! But why?”

It is also a great honour to have received the confirmation of Bjarni Snæbjörn Jónsson, member of the Icelandic Pirate Party, who played a central role in Iceland’s Participatory Constitutional Deliberation in 2010. He will participate to the intellectuals and activists’ panel: “Change Europe, yes! But how?”

Ulule : “The “Social Fund”. The event’s crowd funding tool is available from the new website! This event doesn’t enjoy any big public subvention: it is made possible out of a people and organisations’ in-king and volunteer contributions. However a few cash-traps remain, such as the travels and accomodations of teams of volunteers and/or participant, some translation-related costs and others., etc… We have therefore created a “Social fund” which any participant or non-participant willing to contribute to the success of this event can give as little as 10 euros too. We thank you in advance for any help in this regard!

Rooms available for cheap on the campus!! You can already book your accomodation during the event! Hotels, Airbnb solutions but also “Rooms on the campus” (the Belgians call them “kots”) : we have negociated some reduced prices for our participants to be able to sleep on Louvain la Neuve University campus.
Send an e-mail @ victoire@eucitizenprocess.net if you want to book a room. Attention, limited places available!

Please help us promote this event, follow us on social medias and spread the word in your network (Facebook / Twitter / Website)… We count on your support!

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