Donate – We need you!

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The event in Louvain-la-Neuve doesn’t enjoy any big public subvention: it is made possible out of a people and organisations, and volunteer contributions, including each and everyone of you accepting to come at your own expense. Thus we managed to reduce to virtually nothing the “hard costs”. However a few cash-traps remain, such as the travels and accomodations of teams of volunteers and/or participants coming from further away, some translation-related costs and others., etc… We have therefore created a “Social fund”.

Any participant or non-participant willing to contribute to the success of an event that he/she considers a relevent step on our common path towards a more democratic Europe, can give as little as 10 euros too.

THANK YOU for your solidarity !

Click here to support the project on Ulule :

Ulule_logo PAGE “The “Social Fund”, the event’s crowd funding tool

Even if you do not participate at the event, but you still support the idea and the philosophy of the project, we would be pleased to count on your generous contribution!


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