Video: Intellectuals and activists Panel “Changing Europe, yes! But how?” Saturday July 1st – Just as if you were on the #CitizensRoute73 !

(video by Boris Dieval)

Our panelists have exchanged on the tools required to create the conditions of emergence of a common European public debate…

With in the first part, Guillaume Sacriste (FR), Pour un Traité de démocratisation de l’Europe: The Eurozone as the launchpad of a democratic Europe, Armel Prieur (FR), Processus Instituant Citoyen pour l’Europe: Creating the conditions of emergence of a large-scale debate prone to training to European citizenship, Bjarni Snæbjörnn Jónsson (IS), Processus Délibératif Constituant: Establishing participatory decision-making mechanisms, Jean-Claude Garot (BE), STOP CETA campaign: Modus operandi of monothematic political action at European level – the anti-CETA campaign… in the second part, Richard Laub (BE), Stand Up for Europe: Inventing actions of citizen mobilisation, Matteo Guidi (IT) Eyes on Europe: Filling the European level’s media vacuum, Antonis Triantafyllakis (GR), « Elect George »: Lauching the 1st online trans-European electoral experience halfway to 2019, Philippe Micaelli (FR), Le Comité: Setting up the online tools to connect European citizens together, moderated by Anna Gumbau (ES)…


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