Reforming the ECI? Participate in the consultation of the European Commission

Until August 16, 2017 you can participate in the public consultation launched by the European Commission for the reform of the European Citizens’ Initiative, ECI.

. The rules and procedures relating to the European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI), adopted by the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union in February 2011, are incorporated into the Lisbon Treaty.

Through this initiative, European citizens invite the European Commission to present a legislative proposal in the field in which they want to act and in which the EU is empowered to legislate. The initiative must be supported by at least one million European citizens from at least seven EU countries.

This initiative, presented as a right of petition, was intended as a palliative to the lack of direct trans-European democratization between citizens and European institutions.

. However, legal, bureaucratic and technical problems make the procedure complex for citizens without a “relay” at the trans-European level and offer no guarantee of “follow-up” for petitions that meet all the criteria for success.

For this reason, various organizations, including partners / signatories of the # CitizensRoute73 have been campaigning and calling for the implementation of a successful European Citizens’ Initiative (ICE) for several years.

. The European Commission has finally responded to this request and has announced that it will propose a revised ECI this year by launching a public consultation in the form of a questionnaire to enable European citizens to participate directly in the process of the revision of the ECI.

. To make it as simple as possible for you to participate in the Public Consultation, Democracy International along with The ECI Campaign, Mehr Demokratie and ECAS teamed together to provide you with suggested responses that will produce an ECI that is simplified, more accessible and less restrictive for Europeans. How to particpate:

  1. Go to
  2. You have the possibility to change the language on the right-hand side.
  3. Fill out the questionnaire. You can use our suggested answers to guide you through the questions.
  4. If you prefer to follow a PDF version of the suggested answers, you can download it here.
  5. Submit the answers before the deadline of August 16th.

and let them know here: – that you are taking part, so that they can follow up with strong pressure on the European Commission and keep you informed on the progress.

The partners: Democracy International, ECI Campaign, Mehr Demokratie, ECAS

To participate in the Public Consultation click here, deadline is August 16th



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