ECIT Summer University 2017

ECIT Summer University “Countering threats to European citizenship across borders, reconfiguring its future” will take place from 30 August 2017 to 1 September 2017 at the Maison des Associations Internationales (Brussels).

From 30th August to 1st September 2017, students, academics, policy makers and civil society representatives from all over Europe will meet in Brussels to exchange views on the gaps and future challenges of European citizenship. You will find this event very different from the usual European conference: there is real content, brainstorming and the right atmosphere and environment to test out your ideas and learn from others.

About 75 participants are expected at the Summer University which will take the form of a dialogue among the three main protagonists of European citizenship: civil society representatives, academics, students and public authorities. Over 200 people are expected for the public debate in the evening.

The three-day event will be held under the high Patronage of the European Parliament, considered as a “praiseworthy initiative” which “continues to provide a platform for serious debate on European Citizenship, its future, as well as the future of the European Union”. But the great new development of this year consists in a big presence of partners, who will organise their own meetings and workshops, so that you have an offer of different events to go, organised differently with a wide range of materials. Here is a quick journey through the programme, indicating highlights and materials you will receive in addition to contributions from our partners.

The Opening Session really will provide a baseline to assess where European citizenship stands now with the presentation of the Commission’s citizenship report and the results of the four year bEUcitizen project. There have also been a number of civil society events particularly during the celebrations of the 60th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome or more recent ones such as #citizensroute73 and the EESC Civil Society Days 2017. We are in a period of seismic change which is throwing up radical questions about the future of European citizenship. Should it still be centred on freedom of movement? How to bridge the somewhere/ anywhere divides? We are all learning and having our attention focussed by its potential loss with a Member State set to withdraw from the EU, so that what was taken for granted can no longer be so. Hence the presentation of the ECI “EU Citizenship for Europeans: United in Diversity in Spite of jus soli and jus sanguinis”, but also a number of petitions including one from ECIT (Petition 0101/2017: To challenge the loss of of EU citizenship of 64 million people and to challenge the limitation of the rights all other European citizens as a result of BREXIT). All the signs are that at the risk of becoming irrelevant European citizenship needs to become more social and political. In the light of all this questioning we suggest revisiting the guidelines and the background document from last year’s event, so that they meet the challenges and have public resonance. ECIT will table new, less technical texts just before the Summer University. We will still be still keeping the approach to European citizenship as including elements of rights, involvement and trust which should be available to all.

Registration (paying), programme and more information here :

ECIT Summer University 2017




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