#CitizensRoute73 Louvain-la-Neuve: Proceedings of the workshop “Towards a Social Europe”(around Pierre Larrouturou, ND)

On Sunday, July 2, participants on the #CitizensRoute73 in Louvain-la-Neuve worked together on different program proposals that could be presented as part of a trans-European campaign for the 2019 European election. The workshop “Towards a Social Europe” gathered around Pierre Larrouturou, from Nouvelle Donne, to define what could be a European social program, the report of which we publish below.

A European social programme

Proceedings of the workshop “Towards a Social Europe”, on Sunday, July 2, 2017 (Louvain-la-Neuve)

around Pierre Larrouturou, Nouvelle Donne

Definition: A social policy which emphasises cooperation rather than competition; reciprocity in rights and duties.

Goals: A convergence of social policy goals – to a low level of unemployment (to be determined) or activity (taking into account new forms of activity, especially voluntary work)

• towards a low rate of poverty (to be determined)
• towards a low rate of poor housing (to be determined)
• towards a low rate of illiteracy (to be determined), towards a rate of education and training, and employability.
• towards minimum social respect of human dignity – towards accessibility to public services (healthcare, culture, transportation, education…)

Means :

• change the statute of the ECB in order to include in its goals also the fight against unemployment.
• a social convergence treaty, with a European referendum on the same day?, possibly in the framework of enhanced cooperation between some states.
• upgrading of technical education and internships
• tax harmonisation for a European budget, to finance social policy (eg European corporate tax).
• putting in place a policy of European mobility from secondary education (school exchanges, internships).
• setting up a policy to inform the most disadvantaged populations to make them aware of their rights (right to information / communication duty)

The strategy :

• traditional IT tools
• lobbying politicians, trade unions, NGOs.
• citizens cafés
• drafting of a book or a brochure, and spreading at European level the news within the mass media (publishers’ press officers)
• find academics who are familiar with this social field to support and spread the news around.

Cyril Mouquet (Nouvelle Donne), rapporteur

! For those registered on our lists you can find this program proposal under discussion on our platform loomio #CitizensRoute73 !


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