#CitizensRoute73 Louvain-la-Neuve: Proceedings of the workshop “Youtube Channel #CitizensRoute73-TV and media”

As part of the launch of the #CitizensRoute73 the participants worked on Sunday 2 July in two categories of workshops: 1) the proposals of programmes that could be presented as part of a trans-European campaign for the 2019 European election; 2) the tools and methods necessary to allow the emergence of a real trans-European political debate over the next two years. The Youtube channel #CR73 was one of those identified tools.

Proceedings of the workshop Youtube Channel #CitizensRoute73-TV and media

On Sunday, July 2, 2017 (Louvain-la-Neuve) with Luisa Sigl (Eyes on Europe), Ian Clotworthy (AEGEE Berlin), Marianne Ranke-Cormier (#CR73-Mag)

Preliminary Questions:

The media aspect is fundamental to the support of our project #CitizensRoute73, even central to the strategy we wish to develop.

– Status of the media in Europe:

→ the traditional media, overwhelmed by the trans-European debate, is limited by the national dimension of their view of Europe (just as the national politician is limited by his/her “territorial” anchoring when taking European political decisions …)

plethora of (small / medium) European media but with very little anchorage within the civil society in Europe: problems of multilingualism, budget, elitism, communitarianism (information conveyed by the social networks, pro or anti, federalist or green, each of them communicate in their own circle, whether on FB or Twitter …), exclusivities (the nationals are excluded from the European dimension … except rare examples as associations of major European dailies; yet that remains insignificant).

→ constraints of new forms of information flow, through sound and image (more than text)

– Youtube: remains also very national, complex because of the languages, but translation tools (subtitling) exist; however it is the most accessible tool to cover and make the debates of Route73 as attractive as possible (by image, sound, according to the same text…) and to allow them to become viral …

The Youtube channel project # CitizensRoute73-Tv

Instead of initiating a thousandth magazine, we prefer to opt for the creation of a communication tool that ensures broad reach through sound and image, for that is what an election campaign is about: a vivid debate which confronts future voters to candidates from different backgrounds, including European ones. The rising figures of European policy planning to embark on the Route73 must be able to speak and reply any questioning coming from European citizens in the framework of platforms adapted to true trans-European political debates.

– create regularity: do not have too much ambition at the beginning; start with a sustainable rhythm which increases as you go along. A key event, around which we can multiply other events / shows…

  • → interview of the month

  • → show of the month

– create trans-Europeanity: to get these TV programmes done, a “marathon” method will be adopted, where “journalists” will tour all around Europe to carry out these interviews.

– Male/female TV presenters whom people could identify themselves with, who would always be the same, who open the session, or who actually do the interviews…

– identify successful youtubers in Europe for this project, who would talk about Route73 (broad reach)

– Starting by launching a contest

→ a transnational team would produce a viral video, a project to be maybe launched within the framework of the AEEGE network

→ make use of pairs or trinomial groups of students from different fields to create videos on Route73

→ find suitable tools to ensure multilingualism: a youtube channel by language / country would be ideal for a good trans-European coverage, but too complex to set up and coordinate; so here are some alternative solutions:

→ make videos in different languages ​​(especially when it comes to roadside interviews or tribunes…)

→ subtitling of videos in different languages

Events :

  • August:

  • → contest launching for the viral video – deadline 2 months

  • → defining the agenda and the main points of the organisation of the youtube channel (marathon agenda)

  • → creation of teams

  • Sept / October:

  • → launching of the channel through a viral video

  • → covering of the Erasmus Toulouse Festival


  • Ian Clotworthy (AEGEE Berlin: Technical aspects / Viral Video Contest)

  • Luisa Sigl (Eyes on Europe)

  • Marianne Ranke-Cormier (#CR73-Mag)

  • Camille Dufresne (Camnet)

Marianne Ranke-Cormier (#CR73-Mag), rapporteur

! For those registered on our lists you can find this program proposal under discussion on our platform loomio #CitizensRoute73 !


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