#CitizensRoute73 Louvain-la-Neuve: Proceedings of the workshop “The European Festivals – Mobile Tribunes”

As part of the launch of the #CitizensRoute73 the participants worked on Sunday 2 July in two categories of workshops: 1) the proposals of programmes that could be presented as part of a trans-European campaign for the 2019 European election; 2) the tools and methods necessary to allow the emergence of a real trans-European political debate over the next two years. The European Festivals – Mobile Tribunes was one of those identified tools.

Proceedings of the workshop “European Festivals – Mobile Tribunes”

The workshop was moderated by Camille Dufresne (iCan/Camnete), Mathis Buis (FBN), Alex Frank (European Horizons) on Sunday, July 2, 2017 (Louvain-la-Neuve)

Guiding Question: where are we going with Route 73?

    1. Understand the core European values. Which European values can we and should be the basis for our movement? Route 73, a defender of which kind of Europe?

    2. Define the reach of Route 73 Goal: apply the transnational ADN to the movement, reach out to young Europeans not in the typical European “bubble.”

    3. Concrete ideas for the tribune at the ERASMUS festival in October 2017 at Toulouse.

    4. Intermediate goals for 2019 what spaces would be best to have tribunes (= presence of many Europeans)?

Which European values can we and should be the basis for our movement?

The EU as a purveyor of peace; the founding force behind the EU, as a reaction to two world wars with “never again” as a rally cry. The project, therefore, had a utopian and spontaneous character from the beginning. The EU has furthered peace within its frontiers and outside of them. During hard times, the EU can fall back on this narrative. It was built on an inherent sense of solidarity between Europeans and the desire to live together. Europe has been, and will continue to be, a dignified continent that does not back down in the face of horror, difficulty, and adversity.

The EU is based on fundamental respect of others and differences (“unity in diversity “). Respect and acceptance of diversity. Respects also means accepting some of the chaos that results: working at the European level means running into the many cultural differences that permeate human interactions (and potentially important norms of politeness) and work standards. Opening one’s spirit is, therefore, necessary; something much easier said than done!

The EU is rooted in tolerance: in Europe we are free to be and think as we wish without the threat of repression or discrimination.

Who are we? Defining the project #CitizensRoute73

Focus on the human face and humanist aspects of the European project and, therefore, on culture. Culture is a very strong medium for reaching Europeans, all of them. It relies mainly on our reflection and perception of common humanity.

A culture contains numerous aspects. Goal: focus on cultural medium where language is secondary such as songs and motion. The absence of a common language, in effect, makes synergy and cohesion among European more difficult.

ERASMUS is one of the only, if not the only, project that has enjoyed veritable success in Europe for the time being. With any pretentions, this project has created a meeting space between different countries. Without wanting to do that same thing, Route 73 must seek to replicate Erasmus’ methods while considering current realities, with all of its constraints and opportunities: what are the new meeting spaces not currently exploited?

  • Utilize different supports, prioritize work with social networks.

Social networks, and the internet in a general sense, enables Europeans do exchange. The idea is, therefore, to find a mixed forum where people will meet and reflect on ways to maintain an active “community” between events on the web. Think about formats (videos photos, etc.) adapted to a young audience so that those who could not attend can get a sense of the event. For Camnete, TED talks or small interviews made and edited by sites such as Brut., Speech, and Konbini are ideas to work on.

  • There must be work on the following theme: We all have a common culture and unifying values. Creating a feeling a belonging. Make Europeans a part of this identity, mobilize them to become stakeholders in the culture that emerges from it and messengers to the people around them.

  • Problems to consider:
    • How to connect the different events to one another; leave each one to its specific form while keeping common principles?
    • How to create synergy in between the different partnered movement to that the responsibility is shared.

Concrete ideas for the ERASMUS festival in October 2017

Use one of the fundamental values of the EU as a theme for the event. The idea of festival of European dignity seems like a good idea for Camnete. The refugee crisis, along with other related issues, has big effects on youth and general society.

It is, in addition, a theme on which there is absolutely no common position at the European level and is very poorly communicated in traditional media. It is, therefore, potentially a theme for interesting debates and there is space to put in place innovative information formats. This new format could fill an important gap in the public debate, there is currently little chance to debate properly on this burning topic pertinent to European affairs.

Areas identified as interesting for Route 73

    • Re:publica as a place to present the project (2-4 May 2018 Berlin, GE, first realistic niches)

    • International Animated film festivals in Annecy, FR (next date 11-18 June 2018)

    • International theater festivals of street art in Aurillac, FR, every year in August

Minutes taken by: Camille Dufresne; Translator : Alex Frank

! For those registered on our lists you can find this program proposal under discussion on our platform loomio #CitizensRoute73 !



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