#CitizensRoute73 Newsletter – Citizen Process of EU Democratisation

Content: #CitizensRoute73 … en route! -CR73 Marathon: See you in Toulouse! -ECIT Summer University -CR73 Agenda -Partners: Meet Diem25 in Brussels! Retour sur… Kick-off event in Louvain-la-Neuve! -Proceedings of the workshops -Videos Focus: #CitizensRoute73 Tribune -European Transnational Lists, a real good progressive idea by Marianne Ranke-Cormier -All women list by Jo Sullivan -Reforming the European Parliament elections by Miriam Sorace -Collection of peace giving words as perspective on #CR73 by Almut Irion…

#CitizensRoute73 … en route!

  • #CitizensRoute73Marathon : See you in Toulouse!

We officially launch the #CitizensRoute73Marathon ! During the next months, the #CitizensRoute73 team will stop in different cities to attend events.

First stop in Toulouse on October 13-14 for the Erasmus Students Festival, an event wich gathers every year more than 6000 European students. #CitizensRoute73 will be there for a great debate under the topic « What Europe do we want?”. Five figures of Europe’s dawning political life will meet for a thrilling debate on their visions for the future of Europe… More information here

  • ECIT Summer University

ECIT Summer University “Countering threats to European citizenship across borders, reconfiguring its future” took place last week at the Maison des Associations Internationales (Brussels). About 75 participants participated to the Summer University which will take the form of a dialogue among the three main protagonists of European citizenship: civil society representatives, academics, students and public authorities. Marie-Hélène Caillol was invited as a speaker for the panel “Enacting European citizenship” where she had the opportunity to introduce the #CitizensRoute73 project.

#CitizensRoute73 : Agenda!

Check out our agenda and join us during the events! You can find our calendar here!

  • #CitizensRoute73Partners : Meet Diem25 in Brussels! DiEM25: The real state of the Union, September 9, 2017 

The weekend before the official ‘State of the Union’ speech of the President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, Diem25 will be at BOZAR to show another vision for the European Union. With: Yanis Varoufakis, Srećko Horvat, Lorenzo Marsili, Alice-Mary Higgins, Rosemary Bechler

During this event, on September 9, bringing together politicians and academics, artists and activists, three pressing questions will be addressed:
• “What is the state of play across Europe today?”
• “What should Europeanists do in response to the real state of our Union?”
• “What does DiEM25 propose to do over the next two years, leading to the European elections of 2019, and beyond?”

Date:  Sat 9 Sep 2017 – 19:00 → 21:00
Purchase your Tickets!

Retour sur… Kick-off event @ Louvain-la-Neuve!

  • #CitizensRoute73 : proceedings of the workshops: As part of the launch of the #CitizensRoute73 the participants worked on Sunday 2 July in two categories of workshops: 1) the proposals of programmes that could be presented as part of a trans-European campaign for the 2019 European election; 2) the tools and methods necessary to allow the emergence of a real trans-European political debate over the next two years.


  • #CitizensRoute73: Videos Kick-off event! If you couldn’t attend the #CitizensRoute73 kick-off event, watch the videos of the plenary sessions on Saturday, July 1st, just as if you were on the #CitizensRoute73 !

    • VIDEO – Political panel: “Changing Europe, yes! But what for?” Like in our national democracies the political panel Our debators took part in an exercice of political debate
    • VIDEO – Intellectuals and activists Panel “Changing Europe, yes! But how?” 
    • VIDEO – Opening Session
    • VIDEO – Erik Edman, member of Diem25, addresses the #CitizensRoute73 with a message for democratizing Europe!

Focus: #CitizensRoute73 Tribune



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