#1Head2Votes – Transnational EU lists: an amazing week (Giorgio Clarotti, UEF)

#1Head2Votes Amazing week on the European Federalists (UEF) campaign for transnational EU lists: they might come to life. Apologies to my FB friends who are not interested by EU affairs, but I want to share this with all those who support us, and me, as I am spearheading this campaign.

* Monday 4: France announces in Council it supports the Italian proposal to allocate “some 50 MEPs” to a transnational list. It adds that each list “head” would be the #Spitzenkandidat for the presidency of the Commission (https://www.ft.com/con…/41918b10-915d-11e7-bdfa-eda243196c2c).

* Tuesday 5: During the UEF summer meeting, our President Elmar Brok asked privately to Mr. Manfred Weber, chairman of the EPP – European People’s Party Group (Christian Democrats) in the European Parliament (EP), whether the EPP would have supported an EP proposal for such a list in the 2019 elections. Mr Weber said “No”. EP President Antonio Tajani did not respond to the UEF Groupe Europe identical request we made in the elections in January .

* Wednesday 6: Mr Gianni Pittella, leader of the S&D Group (Socialists) n the EP, told participants of Partito Democratico Europa – PDEuropa what yuo can read in Politico’s article below. He is confident that the Constitutional Affairs Committee of the EP will put the proposal to the plenary (a first), that there will be defections in the EPP allowing the proposal to pass with the support of the whole center left + ALDE Group – Liberals and Democrats in the European Parliament and some EPP .

The result is that the onus will be on the Council of the European Union to adopt it – or not. Art. 233 requires unanimity of the Council, so I see little chances that this might pass.

Yet, almost 20 years after the Leap/Europe2020 think-tank adopted a charter and programme for the EU of 2020 on the Pnyx on 29 May 1998 – one of our proposals, the transnational lists, looks likely to be eventually supported by the EP. This week-end, I will draft a press release, to be issued by several UEF sections to incite President Juncker to support the EP proposal in his State of the Union: 2017 Address (#SOTEU), so maybe the Commission will also support this project.

So you see, dear 2020 “dreamers”, Marie-Helene Caillol, Marianne Ranke-Cormier, Christophe Leclercq, Laurent Ledoux, |Adrian Taylor…. Dear politicians who carried it in the EP, like Andrew Duff, Monica Frassoni, Guy Verhofstadt

It’s like when pushing on a ship from the quay, if you are many and you persist, a few people can move a 100.000 tons tanker. Like Franck Biancheri did with Erasmus, we have been carrying up the idea until it might, eventually, take life.

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Giorgio Clarotti (08/09/2017)