Let’s sign the Declaration of Joint Commitment #CitizensRoute73

On July 2, 2017 in Louvain-la-Neuve as first result of the two days of work on #CitizensRoute73, the partners of the project signed the present “Declaration of Joint Commitment” (click on the link to download the undersigned document). We invite you to join the team, work with us at the horizon 2019 European election by signing yourself the declaration below.

eu demo citizen process


Declaration of Joint Commitment

We, a group of European civil society activists, having met in Louvain la Neuve on July 1-2, 2017 to launch the EU Citizen Democratisation Process, solemnly commit to converge in common efforts and action for the next two years separating us from the European elections of 2019, within the framework of the joint project named #CitizensRoute73.

Anchored in the diversity of our approach, method, areas of intervention, networks, … we express a common desire to converge towards the #CitizensRoute73, a path which will eventually gather our forces within a power of EU Democratisation.

We engage in the #CitizensRoute73 because we aim at reaching the same destination, namely to be able to elect European representatives – in addition to the national representatives – for the European Parliament in 2019.

This simple objective requires the setting-up of an irresistible trans-European citizen dynamic which will support the institutional and political projects along the following lines:

. To create a common public debate on the future of Europe

… which should allow the emergence of European ideas / figures / movements

… be essential for a real trans-European election

… the whole thing in one movement, that of the synergy of all our actions.

The number 73, which corresponds to the number of seats that the British could leave vacant in 2019 and which we actually wish to see taken by European representatives, symbolically represents this objective.

On July 2, 2017, in Louvain la Neuve, we, the signatories of this Declaration, inaugurate the project #CitizensRoute73. To this project we declare our commitment and we will dedicate constant effort to follow up activity carried out in this framework, by participating in the project management, and also contributing to discussions and action which should nurture and force a trans-European public debate.


To sign the Declaration of Joint Commitment, please write as commentary the following text below: «I sign this declaration of commitment» – leave us your full name / organization / email address / web site … You will be contacted by our team to validate your subscription to our newsletter and our forum #CitizensRoute73 on loomio. Please indicate if you are signing on behalf of your organization and we will contact you to update our partners page. (Download pdf: #CR73 – Declaration of Joint Commitment)


2 thoughts on “Let’s sign the Declaration of Joint Commitment #CitizensRoute73

  1. I sign this declaration of commitment. It fully develops the #1Head2Votes initiative we launched as UEF (Union of European Federalists), Groupe Europe for Europeans to.elect 73 real European MEPS.


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