Adrian Taylor (UK) “For a New Paradigm”

Co-fouder of iCAN, Political consultant

Adrian will speak in the Political panel: « Changing Europe, yes! But what for? » and defend the vision “for a New Paradigm” – He will also speak during the Collective Interview “Creating a political movement: the specific difficulties of the trans-European dimension“, chair the workshop “For a New Paradigm” and the working group « Route73 lobby group » on Sunday, 2nd/07

Adrian Taylor runs a small boutique consulting company that uses foresight methods to help clients formulate robust strategy options. Adrian has has previously been a lobbyist on EU matters, a scenario planner, a European official, a visiting scholar in the US, and worked in a software start-up company. Adrian has a long history of European activism, having helped set-up a number of initiatives including the Change Agents Network (iCAN).

-> Read his presentation: #CitizensRoute73 – For a New Paradigm