Antonis Triantafyllakis (GR)

Spokesman for the AEGEE-Academy

Antonis  will speak in the Intellectuals and activists Panel: « Changing Europe, yes! But how? » introducing the first electoral experience project “Elect George” on Saturday, and on Sunday in the workshop “For a une reinvention of Europe through the democratisation of the Eurozone”

Antonis is a volunteer, free thinker, sustainability researcher, NFE addict, p2p lover, web 2.0 artivist and promoter of a better future for all, based on the Commons. He has a long experience with AEGEE-Europe, and is a spokesperson for the AEGEE-Academy (the official group of trainers of AEGEE-Europe), and is one of the Trainers of the European SALTO Youth program.

He is also the coordinator of the Euroland Agora project, which is a mixed system of representation of euro area citizens. A modern means of empowering democracy and active participation, enabling citizens to contribute to politics and decision-making through an innovative combination of means of connection and debate. (Source: Linkedin)