Armel Prieur (FR)

Armel Prieur, co-founder of the Initiative for a Foundational process for Europe

He will speak in the Intellectuals and activists Panel: “Changing Europe, yes! But how?” on the topic “Make the emergence of a debate on how to train European citizenship on a large scale possible” introducing the project “Processus Instituant Citoyen pour l’Europe”

Armel Prieur, French of Poitou, 65, recently retired from the European civil service (human resources manager at the European Council) had started his career in oil as an environmental engineer before becoming a specialist in adult education and then HRD in various companies including SNCF. An economist and ecologist, he coordinated the Poitou-Charentes Economic Master Plan for Ségolène Royal. He has supported Pierre Calame (Chairman of the Charles Léopold Mayer Foundation for the Progress of Humankind) since 2010 in his process to democratize Europe. Passionate about archeology he is also a brewer and herbalist. (Source: website Initiative for a Foundational process for Europe)