Christel Hahn (DE)

President International Council of Political Anticipation, IRPA, candidate for the EP elections 2009

Christel Hahn will speak on the Collective Interview “Creating a political movement: the specific difficulties of the trans-European dimension” on Sunday morning

Christel Hahn, is the coordinator of the german edition of the GEAB, president of IRPA, the association founded to guard the integrity of Political anticipation and one of the initiators of the Agora of Euroland Citizens, LEAP’s project for the democratisation of Euroland. She met Franck Biancheri in 2006 through the viral second number of the GEAB, became a member of Newropeans2009 at its first Agora in June 2006 in Paris and was a candidate for its transeuropean list for elections to the European parliament. She is a physicist and a software engineer by training and born 1952 near Constance, Germany, where she still lives.