Jo Sullivan (IR/UK) – Moderator

Jo, senior strategic policy advisor on sustainability communication

Member of the iCAN network, she will moderate the political panel « Changing Europe, yes! But what for? »

Jo Sullivan is a senior strategic policy advisor on sustainability communication, helping EU institutions, NGOs and business leaders communicate with purpose and integrity.

Jo helps build strategies for European organisations and campaigns that create political impact and sustain public engagement.

With 25 years living and working in Brussels, Jo has worked in the European Parliament, in global business and in EU-NGOs advocating for consumers, the environment and social justice.

Jo provides coaching and training on purpose-driven campaigns and communication. She has published a book on employee activism. Her company Conscience Consulting is partner of global sustainability advocacy network Transition500.

Her short message to the participants on the #citzensRoute73:

With just two years to go before the next European Parliamentary elections, let’s imagine we can vote for the best candidates regardless of nationality. European candidates that represent people, not nations.

Let’s imagine 73 European Parliamentarians that don’t represent difference. They represent what we have in common.  We have 5 European candidates who will try to win your votes on the issues. European candidates that understand what it takes to think and act like Europeans and stand for people, not party. Candidates that speak up for the issues that matter to you.  What issues do matter to YOU?  Speak up. They are listening.

Jo Sullivan