Marianne Ranke-Cormier (AT/FR)

Vice-presidente of AAFB, administrative coordinator, for publication, website and archives of Franck Biancheri NetworkMarianne, is a lawyer by training, involved in trans-European politics since 1987, she stood by Franck Biancheri’s side when he created IDE, the first trans-European political party, which ran in the 1989 European elections in Spain, France and the Netherlands. She also participated in Prometheus-Europe, a trans-European think-tank, for which she was primarily in charge of the Education / Erasmus committee. She also was involved in the organization of hundreds of conferences between 1987 and 2000, serving as finance coordinator as well as General Secretary and Administrative and Financial Manager for the conferences organized by TIESWeb (Miami Transatlantic Weeks), Europe 2020, Leap 2020, among others. She was Editor-in Chief of the NM, which she founded in 2004 with Franck Biancheri. She was the Newropeans2000 congress administrative and financial manager. In addition, Marianne ran the financial, administrative and documentary work for the NDemocracy Marathon (2003) and was head of the Newropeans2009 Party List in the elections for the EP, organizing a signature campaign throughout Germany for this and was responsible for the “5 Burning Issues” Campaign addressed to the small and medium political parties running for the EP elections in 2014. She is today vice-président of the AAFB, in charge of publications, Franck Biancheri documentation and webiste.