Mariapaola Cherchi (IT/BE) – For a fedreal Europe of citizens

Founder of the Belgian federalist party “Mouvement du citoyen européen” (MCE)

Mariapaola Cherchi, Italian-Belgian nationality, was born in Italy (Sardinia) and has lived in Belgium for 40 years, where since 1987 she has practiced law at the Brussels Bar. In 2006, aware of the important differences in the application of the law in the different countries of the European Union, she founded the European Citizens’ Movement for Justice, whose aim is to be an “observatory” of the application of justice in the different countries of the European Union. As part of this legal observation activity, she published several articles in the Belgian press aimed at raising citizens’ awareness on their rights in the European area. Then, in order to spread the European message, in 2014, she founded the European Federalist Party FE-MDCEJ, currently a European Federalist Movement of European Citizens (ECM), which presented a list in Brussels-Capital’s regional election. The ERM proposes to work on European citizenship among the European citizens and at all levels of the structures of the states, starting from the communes.

Her credo is: knowing Europe to build it!