Pierre Larrouturou (FR) “For a social Europe”

Spokesperson of Nouvelle Donne

Pierre Larrouturou will speak in the Political panel: « Changing Europe, yes! But what for? » and defend the vision “for a social Europe” on Staurday and chair the workshop “For a social Europe” on Sunday

Pierre Larrouturou, born on October 19, 1964 in Périgueux (Dordogne), is a French economist and politician, a former regional councilor of the Île-de-France. Specialized in economics, he is known as an active supporter of working time sharing, on which he worked with Gilles de Robien.

In 2013, with personalities from the Roosevelt collective, he created a new political party, Nouvelle Donne, of which he was a spokesperson for the National Bureau elected on 22/01/2017. The program inspired by Roosevelt’s New Deal, wishes to carry a speech of truth to live up to the stakes of the 21st century. Nouvelle Donne wishes to bring pragmatic solutions, rooted in reality but based on essential values ​​such as progress and social justice, respect for people and their environment, and the ability of everyone to be an actor in their daily lives. We are taking measures that support craftsmen, small businesses and entrepreneurs in difficulty while making the fight against unemployment, precariousness a priority.

His project for Europe: Two years to change Europe in depth and negotiate new treaties which will be submitted to a pan-European referendum in two years organized on the same day in all the countries interested in this outburst. The other countries will remain in Europe, such as it is, will be able to join us if they wish, but without being able to reduce our social and democratic ambition downwards. At 10 or 11 it is possible to rebuild a Europe more in line with our values, our needs and the world today. (Sources: Nouvelle DonneWikipedia).

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