Régis Jamin (FR)

President of ’Election-Europe’ 

Régis Jamin is the founder and leader of Election-Europe their team having developed and introduced internet voting in political elections for the first time in 1999, and then they were used in the US Democratic Primaries in 2000, the UK Municipal Elections in 2002 and 2003, the French Expatriates Elections in 2003, the Project E-Estonia in 2001, the E-Vote Canton of Geneva in 2001, and others. He has over thirty years of experience in new technologies, having created several internet start-ups in France, Europe and the US, particularly the Interlink Computer Sciences Company, which developed on mainframe the TCP / IP protocol, the “language” of the internet. It was in a group of the Internet Society chaired by Vint Cerf (sometimes called the father of the internet) that the idea was born of ​​using the internet to improve the democratic process by introducing internet voting in the electoral law. With Franck Biancheri they build together a project called the EU-StudentVote, with also Prometheus-Europe, Newropeans and Europe 2020. With the 5.5 million visits on the five language webpage of the EU-StudentVote, with virtual visits from 2,500 EU universities and schools, 82,689 students participated in this first event of the World’s e-Democracy in 2002. EU-studentVote definitely marked the future of a new student democracy and a new form of European democracy. “In this respect, the students of the 15 EU states became pioneers of what will remain the first large scale experiment of e-democracy in history”.