Reka Salamon (HU) “For a Europe of the Future”

President of AEGEE-Europe

Reka Salamon will speak in the Political panel: « Changing Europe, yes! But what for? » and will defend the vision “for a Europe of the Future” on Saturday and chair the workshop “For a future-oriented Europe on Sunday

Réka Salamon was born in 1990 in Debrecen, Hungarian, German by adoption when she moved to Cologne. She was the coordinator of AEGEE Europe’s Europe on Track project, awarded by the Charlemagne Prize in 2013, spokesperson for the Public Relations Committee,. She joined AEGEE in April 2011 and since then she has participated in numerous local activities, as public relations manager and vice-president of AEGEE-Debrecen, and at European level as President of the Public Relations and other Committees. Vice-President and President of AEGEE-Europe. (Source: AEGEE-Europe)