Richard Laub (BE)

Chairman of Stand up for Europe

Richard Laub will speak in the Intellectuals and activists Panel: “Changing Europe, yes! But how?” introducing “Thinking actions for citizens mobilisation”

Richard Laub is a commercial engineer at the Solvay Business School (Solvay Business School), with a Master’s degree in Business Administration from Carnegie Mellon University in the United States. He was an associate partner in the Booz Allen & Hamilton consulting firm and at Accenture, before creating Dragon Sourcing, a company specializing in the management of international acquisitions. Richard took the initiative to create “Stand Up for the United States of Europe” in 2013. (Source: Stand up for Europe)

Read his paper on #CitizensRoute73: Brexit: Nous ne pourrons plus dire, une fois de plus, une fois de trop « Nous ne savions pas » (par Richard Laub, Stand Up for Europe)