Why Route73?

Route 73 – EU Democratisation Citizen Process

« Horizon 2019 European Election: Two years for a complete political offer to emerge at the European level» – Kick-off event in Louvain-la-Neuve (BE), July 1-2, 2017



Initiated by Réseaux Franck Biancheri (FBN) and the Change Agent Network (iCAN)
Thanks to the hosting and support of Commune d’Ottignies-Louvain-la-Neuve
In partnership with the networks AEGEE-Europe, Cambiamo Rotta all’Europa and Stand up for Europe
And together with POUR écrire la Liberté, Election-europe.com, Europe Populaire, AEGEE-Toulouse, Maison du Développement Durable, BBK/Door Vriendschap Sterker, Creatopia, Eyes on Europe, Citoyennes pour l’Europe …
With a financial support from
Institut Locarn

Why « Route 73 » ? In the next European election in 2019, the 73 British seats in the European Parliament should be left vacant. Rather than suppressing or distributing them, the idea of opening them to European representatives elected on a trans-European – instead of national – basis, is being advocated. But some questions remain that could block this enthusiastic perspective: are citizens ready? will an adequate political offer be available?… The pro-democracy European civil society must respond proactively to the challenge of democratisation that it is now tangibly being offered:

. by expressing clearly its full support to this transformation lead of the European election, and by setting up lobbying strategies towards Brussels, Strasbourg and the 27 EU capitals

. by initiating actions of viral mobilisation aimed at showing that « yes, 30 years after the launching of the ERASMUS programme, a wide EU citizen hard-core is ready to ensure the success of a first experience of European democracy!”

. by nurturing a common debate on the future of Europe prone to create the conditions of emergence of the trans-European ideas, figures and parties needed for the election of the 73 first representatives of EU citizens in the next European Parliament.

On July 1 and 2, 2017, in Louvain-la-Neuve (BE), to the invite of an array of partner-organisations, 200 European civil society « change agents » practically trigger the 2 year democratisation process aimed at addressing these three lines of challenges.

So join us now and together let’s explore the potentialities of a common democracy!

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First-class political figures are coming to encourage the move, having agreed to submit themselves to a first exercise of European political debate on:

“Changing Europe, yes! But what for?”

European intellectuals and activists are debating in a second panel on the tools required to create the conditions of emergence of the common public debate we need for a political life to start blossoming at the European level. They are replying to the question:

Changing Europe, yes! But how?”

On the first evening of these two days, the “ICAN European Night” is designed to facilitate the present citizens’ and organisations’s coming closer together by means of a variety of « happenings » and moments of valorisation of each and everyone’s ideas and projects (speakers corner, speed-dating, etc…).


The second day is dedicated to workshops gathering participants according to their affinities with the ideas and tools presented in the previous day’s panels.

A « Declaration of Common Commitment » will be solemnly signed by all participants and online at the end of the two days.

A “Route 72 Map” presenting the strategy, a calendar, actions, teams and the needed organisation will be published as the main outcome of the whole kick-off event.

A democratic Europe is finally within reach.

Let’s make sure the opportunity that we are being offered is not spoiled. Let’s show that we are ready and break into the breach thus opened!

Join us on July 1-2, 2017, in Louvain la Neuve !

Participation is free but mandatory here!

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