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The Franck Biancheri network is the network  of projects and organisations inherited from Franck Biancheri, European politician deceased in 2012, structured around the association des Amis de Franck Biancheri (AAFB): LEAP2020, Anticipolis, IRPA, the confidential letter GEAB, Club Newropeans2009


iCAN is the change agent network, co-organiser of the event in Louvain-la-Neuve and especially of the European Night saturday night. The group is created on facebook.


The city of Ottignies-Louvain-la-Neuve is the main logistical partner of the organisation, who made the event possible.

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Technical partner for the event, the non-profit organization Maison du Développement Durable (MDD) is the result of a collaboration between the City of Ottignies-Louvain-la-Neuve and the Catholic University of Louvain-la-Neuve. It was set up on 9 November 2007. Its general assembly is composed of representatives of both entities. A place to live the transition towards a greener, more equitable, more friendly, locally & globally.

AEGEEAEGEE-Europe decided to put its trans-European network of 13,000 students among the partners of the event. AEGEE (Association of the States-General of Students of Europe) is one of the largest interdisciplinary student organizations in Europe. As a non-governmental, politically independent, not-for-profit organization, AEGEE is open to students and youth from all faculties and disciplines. Founded in Paris in 1985 by Franck Biancheri, AEGEE, put into practice the idea of a democratic, diversified and borderless Europe, integrated socially, economically and politically, and values the participation of young people in construction and development. Operating without a national level, present in 200 university towns, AEGEE has 13000 students from 40 different countries directly in contact with each other


Stand up for Europe is partner of the event with its network of more than 100,000 followers. Stand Up for Europe is a movement of citizens reclaiming their hope in a better future, something that only a united Europe can provide in a world where our countries have become too small to matter.Stand Up for Europe unites citizens from across Europe who are ready to stand up and build such a better future through a more democratic and federal Europe, a Europe closer to the people and better able to tackle global challenges.

C5-x8mKXEAIN3OMCambiamo Rotta all’Europa is a coalition of italian civil society organisations attached to the European Movement in Italy. The coalition is fighting for a democratic, united and federal society and demands that existing EU institutions evolve in this direction. Our idea is to change Europe from below, according to the needs and problems of the citizens.

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Créatopia, Forum Civique UCL d’intelligence et de créativité collective, is a belgian network of anthropologists, working on the research for strengthening democracy in the 21st century, based in Louvain La Neuve

aegee toulouseAEGEE-Toulouse organizes various events and trainings during the year, we welcome young people from all over the continent to Toulouse and we also integrate Erasmus students from Paul Sabatier University. AEGEE-Toulouse is organizer of the Erasmus Toulouse Party, which brings together several hundred students.

pour-logo-580-300x107-1-300x107POUR (To write freedom) is a collective citizen / media of intervention that has been constituted as a cooperative and which claims an independent, citizen and pluralistic press. Its objectives: to create a place for information, proposals, meetings, convergences, debates and actions, to disseminate analyzes based on factual, documented and pedagogical data which criticize the ideology of competitiveness, Religion of the market and growth at all costs, to promote the emergence of a democratic citizenry and the development of a free, fair and solidary society, to encourage readers and cooperators to be actors of change by supporting positive citizen initiatives, To develop the citizens’ debates to which we propose you to participate.

logoEE-4-retinaElection-Europe is a French software publisher, service oriented, and European leader in the organization of professional and public elections. The team supports end-to-end management of all kinds of elections: boards of directors, works councils and staff delegates, mutual funds, mutual societies, associations, professional associations

eyesoneuropeEyes on Europe (Ixelles, Belgique), an online media created and directed by young European students, organizes various social, editorial, event and promotional activities. From the organization of conferences to the writing of articles, our association wants to be one of the best in the field of the realization of projects and the publication of articles. A magazine has been published every year for 12 years. Eyes on Europe also organizes conferences, debates, competitions, visits, outings, partnerships, and many others


Europe Populaire is a new Humanist Movement of the Civic Society, founded to carry a high idea of France in a strong Europe.
Humanist party, for a fair, free, secure, enterprising, ecological France and an independent, constructive, proud, integrated and democratic Europe. …

logo-citoyenne-pour-leurope-signature-bleu-2Women for European citizenship (Citoyennes pour l’Europe) a network of women and men who listen to European citizens to make the voices of European women heard, in order to contribute to the further development of a humane, pluralist and democratic Europe. Women for European citizenship was founded by Martine Méheut, Renée Combal-Weiss, Catherine Verger et Claire Boussagol and is present in France and in Germany under the name of Bürgerinnen für Europa. Website: Citoyennes pour l’Europe – Facebook: Citoyennespourleurope – Follow on twitter


bbk-doorvriendschapsterker-logo-2BBK/Door Vriendschap Sterker is Thé communication agency in Amsterdam with a purpose With everything under one (church)roof to empower your communication. Are you in need of a good communication strategy or more conversion? Do you want a striking design, Twitter bomb, Facebook campaign or PR boost? A strong concept? Or… everything at once? We can take care of it. From a to z. Through a well thought out strategy to a fitting concept.

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L’Institut de Locarn financial partner for the organisation is a french center for economical prospective, also first one of the first global digital village in Britany, France

logo_Leap_jpegLEAP2020 LEAP (Laboratoire européen d’Anticipation Politique) is an independent future-oriented European think-tank working on two themes mainly: European governance (Euroland Gouvernance 2020 Project), Europe-rest of the world relations (Euro-BRICS project). Within the framework of its work, LEAP organises seminars and meetings, publishes reports and analyses as well as a monthly Bulletin on the « global systemic crisis » (GEAB), operating on the basis of a network of partner-organisations and individual collaborators. LEAP’s work is founded on an original method, invented by its much regretted director of studiesFranck Biancheri : the method of political anticipation in partnership with IRPA. The method of Political Anticipation is subject to training actions via the LEAP Academy. LEAP relates to Europe 2020 whose contents it has the responsibility to preserve.

camnete_logoCamnete is a newly created European agency. Like us, it is European, with abundant energy and dreams of changing the world. The agency will enable Camille and Anete to lend a personal touch to each project to give it greater visibility and ensure that it more easily achieves its goal of making the world better through its impact on daily life. Their motto : A clear concept for elegant and efficient impact.
For the moment they are reflecting on what needs to be done and observing. They will take charge of communicating developments of EU citizens movement after the kick-off meeting.